Nine Food Should Avoid During Pregnancy

During the pregnancy period, there are a lot of things have should do and not do. Especially regarding foods, you should think twice before or avoid take some food and drinks during pregnancy.

In early pregnancy, it is very important for pregnant women to consume and absorb from the well balanced and nutrition-rich diet. It will ensure the healthiness of the baby and the mother. Pregnant women should limit eating the foods that can trigger a probable miscarriage.

 Here has nine food should avoid during pregnancy.

Caffeinated Tea and Coffee

To most pregnant women, it can be hard to go nine months without a strong black tea or cup of coffee. According to the American pregnancy association at moderate levels of caffeine not have to impact any negative effects on pregnancy. The optimum amount of caffeine required per day differs from 150mg to 300mg or about two cups of coffee. In addition to the coffee and tea, most of the other foods contain caffeine.

caffeinated food should avoid during pregnancy

Chocolate soda and even some types of medicine contain the caffeine, which makes it easy to go well over the 300mg in the body. It is important to choose safe foods during pregnancy without caffeine altogether. According to the APA, stay away from caffeine as much as possible is the safest way for a healthy body. The reason is, when compared with an adult, an unborn baby is incapable of metabolizing caffeine. Indeed, even a limited amount of caffeine can affect the baby’s sleeping pattern or day to day movement pattern after the pregnancy. But the good news is there are a lot of safe and warm alternative drinks like herbal tea. These drinks are consisted of full of antioxidants and free of caffeine.

Ginger and peppermint teas help to reduce the morning sickness symptoms during the pregnancy period. APA has found that lemon tea has a calming effect on drinkers. Red raspberry leaf tea helps when it comes to normal delivery in pregnancy. You should make sure to do not drink old herbal tea and too much herbal tea. Always drink known herbal tea and commercial made herbal tea.

Avoid Raw Milk

Although we thought raw milk is good, the United States Food and Drug Administration recommended not to consume raw milk. But the problem is what is the meaning of raw milk. FDA has defined the milk that has not been pasteurized get from cows, sheep, goats, or any other animal is raw milk. In unpasteurized milk, live more harmful bacteria.

In other words, raw milk can carry a different kind of bacteria, such as salmonella, E. coli. Hence raw milk can cause food poisoning due to these kinds of bacteria and should avoid during pregnancy. This can severely affect pregnant women. Listeriosis infection can be caused due to Listeria bacteria. Listeriosis can severely affect pregnant women, and also unborn babies can be a lethal situation. According to this, the United States government has banned raw milk sales.

In most of the other parts of the world, raw milk is legal. If any mother wants to drinks milk, one of the best milks is pasteurized milk for the body. Milk has a good combination of carbohydrates, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals. Bones development of the baby become starts the last trimester of the pregnancy progresses.

Department of agriculture of the united states is recommended to consume three cups of dairy products per day for pregnant women. Some women may have lactose intolerance before pregnancy. The amazing thing is they might tolerate cow milk after conceiving without any health issue. According to the experienced nutritionists, most of the women can improve the ability of lactose digestibility during later pregnancy.

In other words, for the mothers who have decided to avoid drinking cow milk, now they can use it without any discomfort. And also, soya milk is a reliable alternative for cow milk.

Green Papaya

In green papaya or unripe papaya contains a kind of laxative compound that can cause premature labour or even can happen miscarriage. In addition, a large amount of enzymes is contained in the papaya seeds, and it helps to contraction of the uterus and can lead to miscarriage. These are the reasons why you should avoid green papaya or unripe papaya during the pregnancy period.


Avoid Alcohol

alcohol beverages related food should avoid during pregnancy

Sometimes you may have heard about positive stories from pregnant mothers regarding alcohol consumption. But the only thing regarding alcoholic beverage food consumption is, it has no advantage for the body and should avoid during pregnancy.

You can talk about a glass of alcoholic beverage or whiskey. There is no doubt we should always skip it. According to the two thousand fifteen reports of the American Academy of Pediatrics, there is no favorable level of alcohol to the body. Especially during the first trimester of pregnancy should avoid all kinds of alcoholic beverages food.

There is a similar risk has in all kinds of alcoholic beverages. Some pregnant women drink too many alcoholic beverages, and that may be severely affected by the fetus. If you avoid any and all alcohol consumption during your pregnancy, the risks from developmental disorders to birth defects are completely preventable.


pineapple also a food should avoid during pregnancy

Pineapple contains the compound of Bromelain, and it may soften the cervix and during a pregnancy test that may cause miscarriage. it is best should avoid consuming too much Pineapple or Pineapple containing food during the early stages of pregnancy.

Mercury Rich Fish and Crab

Mercury Rich Fish

mercury rich food fish should avoid during pregnancy

When you while eating fish, beware of mercury rich fish. Because mercury rich fish can cause adversely affect to baby’s brain and nervous system. Fish is a very nutritious food during pregnancy. Because it has a high nutritional value, but make sure to restrict or avoid eating king mackerel, marlin, shark, tile fish, orange rough, big-eye tuna, and swordfish food during pregnancy.


Crabs have a high nutritional value. But beware of the pre-cooked, raw, or under-cooked crabs because it may contain harmful microorganisms and parasites to the body. Therefore, it can cause food poisoning and affecting pregnant moms and the health of the fetus.

Blue crab snow crab and Dungeness crab has a high content of mercury. And should avoid during pregnancy. Although it can recommend king crabs, due to its low level of mercury. High mercury can badly impact on fetus’s brain and nervous system.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds can make nauseous conditions during the first trimester of the pregnancy. Therefore, doctors recommend not to take sesame seeds during that period.

The other important thing is, do not take sesame seeds with honey anymore. It can cause a natural abortion. Hence, if you can take some amount of black sesame seeds during the later stages of pregnancy, it will help during the delivery.


women should take special precautions or avoid while they are consuming moringa or drumsticks food during pregnancy. The main reason for that is, a special compound called alpha sitosterol is contained in drumsticks. A large amount of that can cause harmfully during pregnancy. Before consuming drumstick, if you can wash it properly and that can help to remove the kind of bacteria and pesticides.

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